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Bang Bang Con 21 Live: Stream Free, Online ”(BTS Concert)”

Hello Music Concert Fan’s how to watch The Bang Bang Con 21 weekend is almost here! The virtual event, hosted by BTS, is set to take place on April 17 and will revisit a few of their old concerts and fan meets. BTS returns with Bang Bang Con 21 almost a year after they held an online concert streaming event, Bang Bang Con. The two-day event, which took place on April 18 and 19, streamed eight of their past concerts for fans to watch from home. Two months later, when the group marked their debut anniversary in June, they hosted a live online concert called Bang Bang Con: The Live.

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Last week, BTS surprised fans by announcing Bang Bang Con 21 with a teaser poster on Twitter. Sharing the poster of the event, BTS tweeted, “Knock knock, is this ARMY’s room?” They used the hashtags ‘BANG BANG CON 21’, ‘It’s already been a year’, ‘Just like April of last year’, and ‘BTS’ concert that you can enjoy in your room’.BTS’ Bang Bang Con 21 is only a day away. Here’s are all the details to prepare for a day free virtual concert hosted on BTS’ YouTube channel.

Bang Bang Con 21 will be a one-day affair with fans and the members revisiting footages from one of their earliest shows, BTS Live Trilogy EP. 1: BTS Begins (Memories of 2015), BTS 5th muster [Magic Shop] in Busan which took place in 2019, and BTS World Tour Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo concerts. The members have been sharing videos to tease the fun weekend event.
Bang Bang Con 21 date and time:

The virtual event is set to take place on Saturday and BTS confirmed that the event will start at 3 PM (KST). Here’s the country-wise breakdown:

The US: 2:00 a.m. ET

The UK: 7:00 am BST

India: 11:30 am IST

Canada: 2:00 am (in Ottawa)

Singapore: 2:00 pm SGT

Philippines: 2:00 pm PHT

Russia: 9:00 am MSK

China: 2:00 pm

Indonesia: 1:00 pm WIB

Mexico: 1:00 am

Australia: 4:00 pm AEST

BTS’ latest offering for the fans is a free online concert once again. Last year in April 2020, BTS hosted a free online concert Bang Bang Con on their official YouTube channel BANGTAN TV for two days. This year, once again the group is back with Bang Bang Con 2021 edition. BTS’ Bang Bang Con 21 date is set for April 17, 2021, which is a Saturday.
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Where and how to live stream Bang Bang Con 21?

Like April 2020’s Bang Bang Con, the upcoming Bang Bang Con will be live-streamed for free on their official BANGTANTV YouTube channel.

South Korea: It’s less than 48 hours now for BangBangCon21 and BTS fans are super excited for the same. The famous K-pop band took to social media on April 11, announcing the mega event. Since then, each passing day is no less than a challenge for the ARMY who are waiting eagerly for the BTS concert of the year. But how can you watch it? Where to watch it? Worry not, we bring you all the details here.
When and Where to watch #BangBangCon21?

Bang Bang Con 21 will air on April 17 at 3 pm KST or 2 am EDT on Bangtan TV on YouTube only. This means that BTS fans in India will be able to stream it at 11:30 am on April 17. Also Read – BTS’ Dynamite Continues To Break Records, Becomes The Third-Most-Liked YouTube Video Of All Time
What will #BangBangCon21 feature?

The mega event will feature the group’s past concerts and fan meets. According to a release shared by BTS’s U.S. press team, the Bang Bang Con 2021 will start with the 2015 BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I. BTS Begins and will continue with their global fan meet, BTS 5th Muster [Magic Shop], held in June 2019. The event will also include their performances from Sao Paulo and Brazil back in 2019. Also Read – BTS Updates, April 12, Monday: Dynamite Crosses 1 Million Mark, V Doesn’t Like Clicking Selfies
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Is this the first-ever #BangBangCon21?

No, last year as well, BTS hosted a two-day live stream on their Youtube channel Bangtan TV in April. It was a repeat of their old concerts. This was followed by Bang Bang Con: The Live, a 90-minute pay-per-view concert. This live concert also set a Guinness World Record as fans from 107 countries enjoyed the concert.
How to watch Bang Bang Con 21

The steps for watching Bang Bang Con 21 are easy. First, you need to figure out the time according to your timezone, then you need to clear your schedule for the whole day, and lastly, switch off other devices and indulge in the online concert for the whole day. Bang Bang Con 21 will be showcased for free on BANGTAN TV, the group’s official channel where they post behind-the-scenes videos and interviews as well.

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Hyping up to the day of the concert, a set of images disclosing the details of the concert were released on BTS’ official social media handles. The virtual concert will showcase three concerts, beginning with BTS Live Trilogy EP. 1: BTS Begins (Memories of 2015) at 3 PM KST, 2019 BTS 5th muster (Magic Shop) in Busan 5:40 PM KST, and BTS World Tour Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo at 7:40 PM KST. The members have also released short videos leading up to the concert day.
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The timing for the concert country-wise is as follows:

South Korea 3 PM KST

India 11:30 AM IST



Mexico 1 AM EST

Philippines 2 PM PHT

Australia 4 PM AEST
Fans reaction to BTS’ Bang Bang Con 21

Fans on Twitter have some hilarious and excited reactions to the announcement of BTS’ virtual free concert. They expressed their views best with memes and funny one-liners. Let’s have a look!

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