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Imposter ‘Gorilla Glue girl’ GoFundMe account pulled

A woman posing online as “Gorilla Glue girl,” the Louisiana woman who went viral after smearing the sticky concoction on her mane, tried to cash in on the hype — until GoFundMe yanked her from its site.

The imposter, claiming to be Tessica Brown, even posted a $186,000 hospital bill in a quest to get cash from donors to the fundraising site, according to a report by TMZ.

The phony account caught the company’s attention because it only sought $25,000 — a fraction of the figure displayed on the bill.

The unidentified fake did manage to get $500 in donations, but won’t see a penny of it because GoFundMe suspended the account as soon as it got wise to the scam, TMZ said.

Brown had her own fundraising account frozen last month amid complaints that her cause was fraudulent — but GoFundMe later released the nearly $24,000 she had raked in.

Brown made headlines earlier this year when she took to TikTok with her sticky situation after slathering the glue on her hair when she ran out of hair spray.

Tessica Brown had to undergo plastic surgery to remove the glue from her hair.
Tessica Brown had to undergo surgery to remove the glue from her hair.

She finally underwent surgery at the hands of famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Michael Obeng, who performed the $12,500 procedure free of charge.

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